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Internet Solutions

The LargestTarana Airfibre Services Provider In South Africa

Konekt SP is the largest Internet Service Provider over the National MTN Tarana network. Our Partnership with the MTN and Tarana brands allow us to create opportunities across South Africa.


About Us

Konekt in a Nutshell

Internet Solutions

Services We’re Offering

Airfibre Internet

Our Tarana Wireless network spans South Africa with over 700 Base Stations. We service both Resellers and End-Users

Channel Partners

Our Channel Partner Program enables Technology companies to provide connectivity solutions

Pre-Paid Hotspots

Our Airfibre network is well positioned to create pre-paid WiFi hotspots in rural areas at scale



Best SolutionsProvider

Konekt SP has done and achieved what no other ISP has done to date. We operate a comprehensive Tarana Wireless Internet Network with over 700 base stations. The real achievement is that we have made this network available to a reseller and channel program to benefit a true B2B experience.



Our core network is hosted by the largest and most successful operator in South Africa and the hardware that we use to deliver services are award winning and world wide renoun.

Competitive Pricing

We boast the highest speed available on wireless at the most competitive pricing in the market

National Footprint

Our network spans accross 700 Base Stations to create a national coverage

Next Generation Hardware

Our Tarana Wireless hardware is the latest in technology to deliver high-end and reliable speeds

365 Support

Our trained and skilled support agents are available every day of the year

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