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4g and 5g wireless

Next-Generation5G Wireless For Business

Tarana Wireless G1 Solution was built from scratch and addresses the digital divide problem world wide. For the first time in the broadband industry, Wireless delivers a truly unique combination of reliable, fiber-class connectivity with deployment ease and scalability.


4g and 5g wireless

Konekt 5G Business Solutions

Fast Broadband Connections

4G has been a solution for businesses to either supplement their primary connections or even use as primary where no other services are available. Now we introduce 5G that bring speeds up to 200Mbps.

National Coverage

Our wholesale agreements allows KONEKT to provide 4G and 5G solutions on a National scale over the MTN and TELKOM networks that allows our Partners and Customers to enjoy true connectivity.

Tailored Installation Methods

The industry is used to buying SIM cards and basic office solutions with no flexibility. KONEKT introduces packages and installation methods that benefit the business and enhance the technology to the best that it can be.

No Contracts, Only Connections

Our flexible contract options make it very easy to call KONEKT the 4G and 5G provider of choice.

4g and 5g wireless

Setup Flexibility Solutions

Indoor Installations

Indoor installations are quick and you have the flexibility of moving the device inside the building to enhance coverage.

Outdoor Installations

Outdoor installations yield better signal and delivers a better business internet experience and productivity.

Failover Setups

We deploy solutions that use 2 or more networks to enable true failover flexibility allowing maximum uptime.

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